Interstate Backloading to Cairns

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You’re moving, and you’ve set your eyes on Cairns as your destination, the heart of Northern Queensland. Well you’ve come to the right place to get you there.

What are you going up there for? A fresh start for you and the kids? Or have you scored yourself that sweet promotion that you’ve been gunning for but it’ll require you to move up there? Maybe you’re Cairns born and bred returning home to the friends and family. Or possibly you’re looking to move an addition to the house up to you. Whatever the reason that you need to get some furniture up to Cairns you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help.

Obviously there a heap of reasons as to why you may be moving up to Cairns. For whatever reason you have picked Cairns as your end destination, you’ve probably found us because you are hoping to secure yourself a Backloading to get you up there. I can definitely say that you’ve made a smart decision coming to us to get you up there.

Our professional backloading team can get you to Cairns with ease, wherever you are across the country we can organise to get you up to the far northern part of Queensland. We have trucks of every size, smaller trucks for inner-city collections, or semi-trailers for full families with a seemingly endless amount of gear. Are you someone who lives in the city and only have the bare essentials? Or are you the ever growing family that is in constant need of more stuff. We are able to arrange a truck for any situation and any size of goods. If you’re the family with everything then thats fine, and if you only have a few items then we have a spot just for you.


Below is a list of links that will help you get started on the process of sorting you new Cairns based life.



What are you doing about your new home?

Cairns is a city that has a bit of everything, the apartments and suburban living. Whatever you need you’ll still need to find yourself someone new to call home.


Was it work that made you move to Cairns?

Or maybe employment was the last thing you were thinking of when you decided to move up north. If so you’ll need to find yourself a new workplace.



What about all your belongings?

You’ve set your eye on Cairns, for whatever reason you may be moving there. But its possible that you aren’t going to need everything right away. You might be in need of Storage? We can help with that also.

There are a few options with storage, we can either deliver part of your goods in Cairns and then store the rest in our storage depot (this would not allow access by customers) Or we can deliver to a unit of your own which will mean you are able to access your goods as you please.

If you’re going to need to access your goods every so often, then storage with us might not be the best idea. But if you still need storage, then I’d recommend that you start looking into self storage.


What else is there to do?

There really is a potentially infinite list of things that you’ll need to sort out prior to the move. We could write pages upon pages of what you need to get organised.¬†Unfortunately there is always something that appears small and insignificant that gets missed that once left for some time will normally come back to hurt. One thing that you’ll need to do as quickly as possible once you’ve moved is get all billing addresses swapped over to the new house. It’s also important that you are knowledgable of your new states road laws, as each state has their own rules for the road. Its a good idea to head down to the local Transport department once you know where you’re staying to figure out what is different compared to where you used to call home. This will be the perfect opportunity for you to update your license address.

Cairns is a massive Queensland tourist location, so I’ll bet there is always something to do up there. Why not check out the local council site for some help for what to do when you’ve got yourself some well earned spare time.

Of course if you have any further questions, then please use our contact us form to ask any questions you still have

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