Interstate Backloading to Melbourne

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You’re in need of a removalist, Melbourne’s got you hooked and you’ve decided that you’re going to move. Well I can say for sure you’ve given yourself the best start by finding us.

There is an endless number of reasons for why Melbourne’s got you. Maybe a fresh start away from everything for your family? Or a great new job has just been made available to you? You could be a born and bred Melbourner and you miss your roots. Or have you snagged a sweet deal online and you need to find some way to move it down to you?

Whatever your reasoning behind wanting to move down to Melbourne, I can say for sure you’ve done the right thing by finding us. We have trucks available across the country ready to come and collect your belongings and transport them down to Melbourne.

Now I’ve only listed a few reasons and chances are the reason that is bringing you to Melbourne is one I haven’t even thought of. Whatever it is, you’ve probably come across us because you’re considering a “Backload” to get you and your family down. Well you’ve done yourself a favour by finding us!


Our backloading team can you your belongings across from anywhere that you’re currently situated, right into the middle of Melbourne. We can organise the perfectly bit of space for your belongings that will ensure you get the best deal possible on your way down to Melbourne. When you book interstate Backloading to Melbourne with us you know that you’re going to get a truck that has just the right amount of space that you need and will be able to manoeuvre its way through Melbourne to deliver your goods at your front door. If you’re a growing family with piles and piles of stuff, then possibly one of our bigger trucks is more suitable. But if you’re a city dweller we know that you’re probably dreading the guys rocking up to your new apartment in a semi-trailer. Fear not, as long as you tell us about your access issues we’ll ensure that the most suitable truck is sent.


I’ve compiled a list of useful links and info to help you get your move down to Melbourne started.


Have you got yourself a new place yet?

Melbourne has a house for just about every type of lifestyle, so you’ll probably need to figure out exactly what type of house suits you best. Below is a few great places to start your search.


Are you coming to Melbourne purely to follow your career?

If your jobs the reason you’re heading to Melbourne then skip ahead, but if not you’ll need to find a new place of employment as quickly as you can.



What about if you don’t know where you’re going to call home yet?

So you’ve locked in Melbourne, thats a definite. But your dream home seems to be more and more impossible to find with every attempt to locate it. You’re going to need storage until you find that perfect home. Theres a few options here. We can deliver your necessities to you and store the rest at our secure depot until you are ready to receive it, and then redeliver it to you at a later date. Unfortunately this means no access to them until they leave us.

If you’re planning to pick out your furniture bit by bit as its needed, then self storage is probably more your thing.


Have I forgotten anything?

Most likely! Unfortunately theres an endlessly long list of needs to be done when it comes to an interstate removal. Often theres things that get forgotten until they come back to hurt. Its almost always the case when you’re moving. Something that is important to do is change your mailing address so that any mail sent to you around the moving period will definitely get to you, we suggest changing the addresses over a few days before you’re due to leave your current house. Also just note that every state does have its own set of road rules, so it’s always a good idea to head down to the local transport department to keep yourself up to date and knowledgeable about the do’s and don’ts on Melbourne roads. This’ll also give you the perfect opportunity to update your drivers license.

Theres a heap to do in Melbourne, it always has something different going on. I suggest you jump onto the council website and check it out.

Of course if you have any further questions, then please use our contact us form to ask any questions you still have

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